Monday, 13 April 2009

Our Sun, Our Moon

Open your heart to the rays of the sun. Let its beams touch you, feel their warmth, sense their vibration. Then reflect this warmth to all around you. Send back this radiance to all beings on this planet. You are a source of warmth and love just as the sun is. The sun rises every day and so should we.
Notice how the moon comes out each night to lighten the darkness. It provides guidance for our dark paths, a reminder that a Divine light is always there. We too, in our own way can lighten other’s burdens in the same way. Show love and affection and care for your fellow being. The moon does disappear though for one night, to replenish, to let you be. So too we should give space and time to others and to ourselves. We will emerge again the following day, as the moon and sun do.

We are all one, one entity, one spirit.