Saturday, 18 April 2009

A Lesson Taught Through LOA

Coming across the Law of Attraction through various authors, past and present, being human I questioned it doubtfully. As I dwelved deeper and deeper I found I had built a shield of optimism, something that I was in desperate need of. I also realized I had been using the LOA all my life, with some errors however.
But what I realized a few days ago was astounding. I am a firm believer in God, a Greek Orthodox and do acknowledge my Church and its Divine Nature. I may not be the perfect Christian, but I do follow my Church’s traditions and practises, if not religiously, to a great degree. This does not mean however that I do not acknowledge and respect all other religions or atheists.
A few days ago my husband was admitted in ICU for cardiac arrest. As anyone can imagine it was and still is in many ways devastating. In the past I would have withered away, but this time I felt strong. Although there wer times when I felt fear, a human trait, I felt strength. An abundance of Strength.
Calmly I collected myself and found that this strength came from what I had been reading and subconsciously practicing all along. Faith is one of the most fundamental aspects of the LOA, alongside Forgiveness and Gratitude.
This Law had built a Faith in me, which I found so relieving , so overwhelming, so comforting. Finally, I have come to understand, what all my past “tragic” experiences had taught me. The only solution I had, in any circumstances was to have Faith. So, I placed the whole situation, in God’s hands and realized that it was part of His divine plan and His intentions were for my best. Clearly, I was to be taught something from all of this and I had to search for the lesson.
I learnt for Patience (one of my weakest characteristics), Strength, Forgiveness and Gratitude for what I have and what will be given to me. I learnt Faith.
When I talk of Faith, it does not mean that you the reader must believe in the Greek Orthodox Church that I follow. It means, as all writers and followers of the LOA state, to have Faith in something. It can be your own religion whether that be Orthodox, Catholic, Presbyterian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and so forth. As long as you have faith in something, somewhere.
If you are an atheist, I suppose you place your Faith in yourself or the Cosmos, the Universe or humankind.
I am not here to judge, but to emphasize that Faith is something that can be felt, in your soul through the vibration of strength that it sends.
As for my husband, despite all odds, he is doing remarkbly well. And I have God and my Faith in Him to thank.