Sunday, 15 March 2009

Clean Out Your Soul

Everyday we are burdened either with pressure from work, family matters, financial themes even friendships. Some of us have had adifficult childhood or problems with our closest family members that for some reason no matter how hard we try we simply cannot let go. The Hicks' tell us to pivot our thoughts elsewhere, Joe Vitale to turn our bad memories into something good, Doreen Virtue to put them in a white or pink bubble and burst them away. The list goes on and on. Do not misunderstand what I am saying because the above mentioned people together with many many others are right. Their methods do work but I, after numerous readings and self study, would like to share with you my method. I have been using it since I was a child and can truly say that it really works.

Step one.

1. On a piece of paper or in a book write down in list form things that upset you in others. It does not have to be short nor long, stop when you feel comfortable.

2. Then looking back at this paper put a tick next to the characteristics that you see in yourself. Do this honestly and with an as open mind as possible. Be honest with yourself. No one is looking at this list, no one will judge you. Most importantly do not judge yourself because we are all human.

3. Now make a list of what actions people take or do that make you feel happy. Once again look at this list and question yourself. Are you giving any of these things to people around you? If so, are you giving enough, could you be giving more?

4. Look at these lists regularly, add to them if you like or even better omit from them. Looking at them regularly will remind you of your small mission - to improve you and your world.

5. And never ever blame those around you, your present or past circumstances or most importantly you for any negative qualities.

By simply acknowledging your negative attributes you have opened a whole new door. It is now in your hands to improve yourself since you know your faults. Every day look at this list and think how you feel when you are the receiver of any misdeed. Next time before you commit any of them think how you would feel in the other persons position. Does it really satisfy you? Is revenge really that sweet or does it leave you feeling hollow? Slowly you will see a change in you and people around you.

As we all know and have heard time and tima again like attracts like.
It's what philosophers call the Law of Attraction. It's what I like to call the Law of Reciprocation - what you give out in this world you receive tenfold.

Have faith in others to strenghten the faith in you, love others unconditionally to receive unconditional love, believe in others so you can believe in you!

Thank you for reading.

God Bless All.

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