Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Have You Ever Spoken To yourself?

Have you ever spoken to yourself? Have you ever listened to the inner you?
Sit down somewhere quiet, somewhere airy, a place with no interruptions, nothing to provoke you. Close your eyes and look deep down within 'you'. Search for 'you'. 'You' can be any shape, colour or size; mine is myself in miniature form. When you find 'you' open your palm and invite it on. Ask 'you' about its day, its thoughts, its beliefs and most importantly its wants. Ask 'you' about its desires and fears. at first 'you' is very shy, but once you cajole it with your warm smile and say the words 'I love you' it will open up. If it's complaining, listen to why, if its crying find out why, if , like my 'you', is running around in circles, look and listen. Listen carefully and understandingly. Even if its truth may hurt you don't despair but try to understand why.
Then nurture 'you', cradle 'you' even sing to it.
'You' is your inner child. No matter how old you are, how many friends or families are in your circle, if 'you' isn't loved by 'You' then emptiness resides. There's a saying that 'charity begins at home' - 'you' is your home. Without love there's no stability, no strength.
Have faith in 'You' and major transformations will be witnessed within yourself and soul. Happiness will surface.
Remember ' If you're not happy, no one else around you is happy.'

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