Friday, 20 March 2009

We Receive from Nature Daily, Now We Must Give.

Every day nature gives us many wonderful things.
We have beautiful sunrises and sunsets,
Beautiful full moons to sit by at nights,
Wonderful oceans and seas to swim in,
Rainforests to help us breathe,
Even nature sounds to soothe and nurture us,
To mention but a few.

Now time has come to give back the love and passion nature has has pampered us with.
The Law of Attraction states that we must give to receive as does The Holy Bible and all other Spiritual Laws.

Take part in Earth Hour, giving 60 minutes of your life for the millions of minutes Nature has given us is the least we can do.

p.s. I am so proud of my birth place, Sydney Australia for giving birth to this wonderful concept and of Greece who currently ranks #1 in Europe concerning environmental awareness.
Most of all I'm proud of you for supporting such a worthy cause.

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