Saturday, 4 April 2009

Ego - The Little Child Within.

Within all of us is a little child named - Ego. I call him a child because as one he frequently misbehaves. There are moments when he should be allowed to, but there are many times when he should be rebuked. As all children there is a reason behind his misbehaviour. Your job is to find out why it is misbehaving. Do not punish him but show him all the love and affection possible. Give him strength, nurture him. Visualize him as a small entity that you can literally hold and cradle. Close your eyes and hold him. If you give this little child love passion and understanding, he will reward you with just as much love and passion, and maybe even more.
The secret here is that this little child Ego is in fact you, your very core and centre.
Think about it, I'm sure you will agree.
Feed someone else's Ego to get yours fed.

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